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Des gourdes et tazsses de tous les jours aux gourdes de sport en passant par les bidons faciles à presser, tout le plastique que nous utilisons est exempt de BPA, BPF et BPS. Vous pouvez donc boire facilement.

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  • Chute® Mag 750ml/25oz
    Maintenant À partir de 9,00 € Était 17,99 € | Economisez 8,99 €
  • Eddy®+ Bottle 750ml/25oz
    Maintenant À partir de 9,50 € Était 18,99 € | Economisez 9,49 €
  • Eddy+® Bottle 1L/32oz
  • Chute® Mag 940ml/32oz
    Maintenant 10,00 € Était 19,99 € | Economisez 9,99 €
  • Chute® Mag 600ml/20oz
    Maintenant 8,00 € Était 15,99 € | Economisez 7,99 €
  • Chute® Mag Bottle 940ml/32oz
    Maintenant À partir de 10,00 € Était 19,99 € | Economisez 9,99 €
  • Eddy®+ 600ml/20oz
  • Chute® Mag Bottle 750ml/25oz
    Maintenant À partir de 9,50 € Était 18,99 € | Economisez 9,49 €
  • Chute® Mag Bottle 1.4L/50oz
  • Eddy+® Insulated 600ml/20oz
    Maintenant 11,00 € Était 21,99 € | Economisez 10,99 €
  • Chute® Mag Bottle 410ml/14oz
  • Eddy+® Insulated Bottle 600ml/20oz
  • Pivot™ Bottle 740ml/25oz
    Maintenant 9,00 € Était 17,99 € | Economisez 8,99 €
  • Chute® Mag Bottle 600ml/20oz
  • Carry Cap Bottle 1L/32oz
  • Quick Stow™ Flask
    À partir de 20,00 €
  • Chute® Mag UTMB Bottle 750ml/25oz
    Maintenant 9,50 € Était 18,99 € | Economisez 9,49 €
  • Carry Cap Bottle 740ml/25oz

Shop Healthy Hydration with BPA Free Plastic Water Bottles

Take your health and hydration to new heights with CamelBak’s BPA free plastic water bottles and durable stainless-steel designs. 

What Does BPA-Free Mean? 

BPA is an abbreviation for bisphenol A, an industrial compound used in creating certain epoxy resins and polycarbonate plastics.

In the past, BPA plastics were commonly used in making food containers and plastic water bottles. Despite its many uses, BPA has been found to cause several health conditions, prompting various industries to make the push towards BPA-free products.

At CamelBak, we believe that BPA should not be present in any of our products, which is why we stand by being BPA, BPS and BPF free. Our goal is to provide the best and safest products to our customers with sustainable materials that are proven to be non-toxic.

Simple and Sustainable 

Discover sustainability made simple with CamelBak’s Tritan™ Renew hydration collection, made of 50% recyclable material.

Our Tritan™ Renew bottles are designed to be beneficial to both you and the environment while reducing our carbon footprint. Eliminate your need for single-use plastic bottles by choosing BPA free options.

From convenient Eddy+® bottles with straws and our Chute® Mag styles to effortless grab and go Carry water bottles, fuel every journey with easy-to-clean hydration accessories designed with your busy life in mind. 

Premium Quality BPA-Free Water Bottles

Looking for the latest safe stainless steel bottle or plastic water bottles for your next sports activity or outdoor adventure? CamelBak has you covered! 

Keep your drinks at their ideal temperatures longer with stainless steel insulated water bottles or shop our dishwasher safe, lightweight BPA-free plastic bottles.

Don’t forget the little ones! Stock up on all our water bottles for kids, in styles that make hydration fun. Browse water bottles in fresh pops of colour featuring everything from butterflies and zebras to sharks and dog designs. 

Our leak-proof, easy-to-carry kids bottles are the perfect addition to every school run, play date and sporting event. Shop our extensive selection of kids water bottles in sizes and styles just for them.

Drink. Share. Rinse and Repeat. 

At CamelBak, we understand the importance of everyday hydration made simple and sustainable, as these very values prompted us to become the first brand to introduce BPA-free bottles to the world. 

Feel good about your health and wellness routine with eco-friendly hydration accessories for every part of life.